Advanced Fabrication Equipment

Between our experience and machinery, we have the right tools for every job. Among the hardware on our floor you'll find:

  • Duct-O-Matic Coil Line Our 7 saws can handle from 6' x 40', and up to 16 gauge, and feature the fastest feed rate in the industry and the most economical footprint in the world
  • Trumpf Trumatic Punch 5000R Distinguished by its and expanded automation solutions, productivity, speed, (it can punch 1,000 holes a minute in 60' wide plate) the TruPunch 5000 is the most productive punching machine going
  • Kuraki Horizontal Borer Rotary Table This three-axis borer allows for high-precision, computer-controlled horizontal boring
  • Bertsch CNC Plate Roll This plate roller can accurately form metal from gauge thickness through 14" thick and larger. Ours can roll a 10' wide plate and 1-1/2"
  • Ingersoll Rand Surface Grinder A high-volume grinder that can handle- 144" x
  • 144" x 240," thick leaving the surfaces mirror-smooth
  • Pandjiris Automatic Seam Welder Specifically designed for making 100% penetration, this single-pass unit welds on cylinders and flat sheets while minimizing or eliminating heat distortion to the material
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